About 'Clothes & Blow'

Screened at over 20 film festivals and Winner of 4 Awards, including Best International Short at Dublin Short Film And Music Festival, Clothes & Blow is a comedy/drama for anyone who has ever struggled to be their true self around their family.


Written and directed by Sam Peter Jackson (The Bathroom) and starring David Menkin (Florence Foster Jenkins), Nancy Baldwin (Mamma Mia!) and Christy Meyer (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them).


For American voice over artist Daniel (David Menkin), life in London is one long autopilot ride of demanding client calls and awkward Grindr meets. But when his mother Stephanie (Nancy Baldwin) decides to visit from the US with less than 24 hours notice, Daniel is forced to re-evaluate how fully and authentically he is living his life.

Clothes & Blow is now available on DVD, BluRay and digital platforms as part of Peccadillo Pictures' BOYS ON FILM 21: BEAUTIFUL SECRET.



Winner - Best International Short, 2019 Dublin International Short Film & Music Festival 

Winner - Best Comedy, 2019 Beeston Film Festival 

Winner - Audience Award, 2019 Hamburg International Queer Film Festival 

Winner - Audience Award, 2019 Proud! Filmfestival Aarhus 

Nominee - Best British Short, 2018 Iris Prize  

Nominee - Best Drama - 2020 Amsterdam New Renaissance Film Festival 

Nominee - Best Actress (Nancy Baldwin) - 2020 Amsterdam New Renaissance Film Festival 




Official Selection - 2019 Frameline, San Francisco 

Official Selection - 2019 Qflix Philadelphia 

Official Selection - 2019 Lovers Film Festival, Turin 

Official Selection - 2019 Qfest St. Louis 

Official Selection - 2019 Out Film Connecticut 

Official Selection - 2019 Kashish Film Festival, Mumbai 

Official Selection - 2019 Out Here Now Kansas City 

Official Selection - 2019 Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival 

Official Selection - 2019 Austin aGliff Film Festival 

Official Selection - 2019 Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 

Official Selection - 2019 Proud! Filmfestival Aarhus 

Official Selection - 2019 Videoqueer Florence Queer Festival 

Official Selection - 2019 Out On Film Atlanta 

Official Selection - 2019 Way Out West Film Fest Albuquerque 

Official Selection - 2019 Melbourne MQFF eXtra 

Official Selection - 2019 Earl’s Court Film Festival 

Official Selection - 2019 Mix Brasil Film Festival




“Delicious in every regard.” - Stephen Fry


“A comedy drama with a trio of strong performances, this is a fun short with real heart.” - The Pink Lens


“A lot of comic potential well executed. There is an impressive sense of heart and sentimentality at the core of Clothes & Blow. Jackson teeters on the lines between amusing and heartfelt with a strong handle on the short’s tone.” - Culture Fix UK


“An absolute delight! Incredibly funny and so refreshing.” - Rhidixon Blog


“Writer-director Jackson packs scenes with hilarious details that add riotous little touches alongside some more pointed moments. And the film's light-handed approach gives it a terrific kick." - Shadows on the Wall


“A jolly exploration of the ridiculous role people get stuck in and whether they can overcome themselves.” - Queer Guru


"Colourful, light and breezy with a great dynamic among its cast.” - The Sprout

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